LCW Complete Street and Healthy Community Speeches in China and Taiwan Universities

Feb 16, 2016
Li Wang

A guest speaker to 3 universities in Asia including Beijing Jiaotong University (Beijing, China), Tunghai University (Taiwan), and Feng Chia University (Taiwan) on current trends of landscape architecture and urban planning practice, Mr. Li C Wang, president of The LCW Group, introduced the concept of Healthy Community through the format of a Complete Street case study in his speeches during the months of September and December of 2015.

Presenting before and after comparisons on selected streets from the City of Irvine, California, Mr. Wang demonstrated how physical design-such as wide sidewalks, safe bike lanes, attractive stairways, accessible recreation areas- can affect human behavior and encourage residents to make healthy choices and live healthy lives. The recent demographic changes (milennials and baby boomers) show an increasing demand of wanting to live in a walkable, mixed-use, transit-rich, open space-abundant community. A trend of putting people first (from car circulation first) in the physical design to ensure a healthy, active, and “all-inclusive” community is on the rise.

The concern and dilemma rising out of high population density and traffic volume in Asia poses an even more urgent demand to embrace and apply the Healthy Community and Complete Street concepts.

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