Landscape Techniques for Water Conservation – (II)

Sep 29, 2015
Li Wang


Tropical landscape is a very popular garden and lawn theme for California home owners. But with water restrictions, it seems improbable to have a tropical parade in your yard or community. However, there are plenty of drought-tolerant plants that have the same characteristics as many tropical plants.  They can be especially attractive when they are mixed together with the right type and size of boulders and paving, creating a lovely and distinctive drought-tolerant “tropical” paradise.

The following drought-tolerant plants all have bright colors, interesting shapes and originate from tropical zones.  Carefully planted the in the right location, and with landscape boulders and pebble as background, these plants alone or together will achieve tropical wow factors.

Tropical Landscape-Drought-01

Abelia x grandifolia / Glossy abelia

Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum / Wax Begonia

Echium candicans /Pride of Maderia

Ginkgo biloba / Ginkgo

Iris douglasiana / Douglas Iris

Koelreuteria paniculata / Golden Raintree

Lagerstroemia indica /Crape myrtle

Lantana hybrids / Lantana

Pittosporum /Pittosporum species

Nandina domestica/Heavenly bamboo

Nerium oleander/Oleander

Osteospermum fruticosum /African Daisy

Verbena bipinnatifida /Verbena





For lovers of big leafs, tropical gardens need to have plants with oversize leafs. Unfortunately, a big leaf means more water. However, by putting plants in containers, irrigation will be more efficient and it will help the plants health and growth because they are elevated by pot.

Tropical Landscape-Drought-03